NeuroVersity is a student-centered program that celebrates youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We create a place where students are free to explore their interests and expand their strengths while working in a professional setting with mentors and peers.

What is NeuroVersity?

NeuroVersity is a program using 3-D design software to support personal development, social engagement, and job skills.

NeuroVersity Provides You With:

  • Training in 3-D graphic design (SketchUp Make)
  • Mentoring from professionals who use SketchUp
  • Learning from other students with similar interests
  • Preparation for life after high school
  • Exploration of careers that use SketchUp
  • Family participation in the program

We Put the Focus on YOU

  • Your skills
  • Your interests
  • Creative freedom
  • Learn skills at your pace
  • No deadlines
  • No assignments (unless you want them!)

What Happens at a Workshop?

Basic Summer Workshop:

  • 5 days
  • 3 hours/day
  • Mentor demonstrates SketchUp skills
  • Students work on individual projects
  • Students present work to group (optional)
  • Invite family!
  • Celebration on last day
  • Returning students may earn money for completing assignments
  • Explore SketchUp careers
  • Share interests with other students like you

Student Endorsements

“I just like that it’s sort of real world so we get some experience on what we would do if we were to join a [construction] company.”

“I felt like I was the important one, teaching them about my life. I was shy, but I tried to hold it back. I liked making them laugh. It was fun.”

“My favorite part about SketchUp is, well, everything about it. I like the teachers, the friends, everything… There’s a lot of interesting things about SketchUp: the tools and making animation scenes.”

“We are just working together in friendly competition. It’s a friendly feud. We have the same idea, but we want to push each other to do better. We are just friends and we will make our designs better by pushing ourselves.”