NeuroVersity is a family-focused educational experience. We invite and support parent, grandparent, and sibling involvement in our workshop and learning opportunities. We believe that family participation increases the success of the NeuroVersity curriculum and we have produced several manuals and research articles relating to this theme.


“[My son] has learned not only proper social interaction, but computer skills, learning to teach these skills to others [his typical peers] and being able to get up in front of large groups and discuss all this. This has given him such a feeling of self-worth and pride that I do not think he could have found in another setting.”—a Parent

“I cannot say enough good about the NeuroVersity team. They are all professional, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and have been nothing but good for my son. They are interested in and genuinely care about the students involved in the program.” –a Parent

“From the beginning, it was obvious that the [NeuroVersity] program gave to those kids and young adults enrolled five things which they did not have before: 1) a place to be creative and develop their own distinctive interest, necessary for computer skills; 2) a chance to work at their own pace and without the stress of having to keep pace with ‘normal’ peers; 3) be an expert or teacher at something meaningful, gaining leadership skills; 4) gain confidence and self-esteem; 5) create a special bond of friendship and social interaction.” –a Parent


As students prepare for transition into adulthood, so do their parents. NeuroVersity also offers a unique parent workshop to help parents through this change in their lives. In this workshop, parents are given an opportunity to:

  • See student strengths and potential
  • Shift from negative focus on diagnosis and deficit to hope and possibility
  • Focus on parental strength and positivity
  • Ask questions and share resources with other parents
  • Establish friendships that may extend to sons or daughters participating in the program
  • Provide feedback for NeuroVersity staff to help improve the program


Siblings face special challenges, and NeuroVersity gives them an opportunity to see the strengths of their sibling with Austistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Seeing these strengths, and giving the sibling with ASD an opportunity to be an expert, provides a new point of view that improves relationships for both siblings.


“Seeing what our son has been able to accomplish so far with social skills and the creative side of SketchUp has given us a renewed hope that our future can and will be bright instead of dim.”—a Parent

“[My grandson] called and he had been able to show his class what he had learned. He says they all wanted to try it. He said, ‘I’m the most popular boy in my school, thanks to my Grandma.’” –a Grandparent

“To have a place where he continuously wants to come, he feels accepted, and we feel safe with him here without us both…it’s like the biggest thing ever for us… to feel like he’s in a place where he is welcome and…he’s got something to tell me he’s proud of.”  -a Parent

“We, as parents, cannot rave enough about the tremendous positive growing experience our son had for these brief two weeks. Not only did he develop new skills, he gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence in his ability to perform at a high level.” —a Parent

“I think [SketchUp] is really awesome because I get to see what [my brother] imagines about, what he likes to do when he has free time.” –a Sibling

“After becoming involved in NeuroVeristy workshops, I noticed a distinct shift in my son’s self-confidence and comfort level in new situations. Being able to share his creations and demonstrate his new found abilities has strengthened his sibling and family relationships, and helped him form new friendships with peers in the workshops and at school.” —a Parent