Evidence Supported Curriculum

NeuroVersity is an educational, technology-based, 3D design curriculum that supports personal, social, and vocational skill development for youth and transition-aged adults on the autism spectrum.

Experts in Mentoring

NeuroVersity integrates the unique combination of adult mentors (and experts in the field), with peer mentors, and facilitators who implement the curriculum design and support workshop activities.

A Positive Impact

NeuroVersity facilitates creativity and innovation along with work in “real world” projects that have community application – and positive impact.


Evidence Supported Curriculum

NeuroVersity specializes in evidence-supported educational technology materials and 3D modeling curriculum for individuals on the autism spectrum.  Our work has been recognized by professionals both within the autism research community and through multiple peer-reviewed papers on the curriculum.

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See Our Student’s Work in Action


NeuroVersity students create 3-D designs in SketchUp based on their own interests and creativity.  From dragons, cartoons, buildings, and more – if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Check out all the great projects our students have created in previous years.



NeuroVersity is a program designed for students with Autism and similar learning styles to help them discover how their skills and natural abilities can translate into jobs. The NeuroVersity team creates a supportive learning environment geared especially for these students. They are able to follow their own interests and create 3-D designs in Trimble SketchUp, a foundational software. Students create designs based on their interests, develop their skills through technology work, and socialize with their peers.

Students learn skills that can help them create a portfolio of their work while they receive training they can add to a resume. Students learn hands-on job skills while creating a portfolio of their work they can add to a resume. Students that see their marketable abilities encourage them and their families by giving them a vision into futures with bright possibilities.


NeuroVersity’s products are instructional materials that have been tested and proven to create the best educational pre-employment experiences for students (ages 8 to 24) with autism. Our products support creative and “real world” experiences for students on the autism spectrum who are working with SketchUp 3D modeling and design software.

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Are you interested in creating a 3D SketchUp learning experience in your community? We’ll work with you to create educational programs, based on learning 3D skills, for students on the autism spectrum in schools, community centers, libraries, and other learning venues. With pre-start and on-going support, together we can build a successful NeuroVersity experience and make an impact in your community.

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“After becoming involved in NeuroVeristy workshops, I noticed a distinct shift in my son’s self-confidence and comfort level in new situations. Being able to share his creations and demonstrate his new found abilities has strengthened his sibling and family relationships, and helped him form new friendships with peers in the workshops and at school.”

– A parent